I have come to realise that I really don’t know what I want to do after I finish my second year at university this year. I really don’t want to do another year right now but at the same time I need to finish the rest of my degree, I will have a foundation degree but not a full one which is why I need to finish. 

However I just feel like I have wanted so much of my time at university I haven’t learned much and I have completely lost interest and yet I don’t know what job I would do now as I want it to be something which is well paid so I can have a good future. 

I still really want to pursue a career via YouTube but I keep losing confidence in this area and it sucks because this would be such an amazing career to have. 

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I did a silly thing

Hi guys, so after uploading my first video with my face it ended up being a disaster, it looked awful and I couldn’t understand why.

After looking online I discovered I had set up my export settings wrong, so I fixed it and it took a very long time to reexport and upload to YouTube again. However I now have a video I can be proud of 🙂 I just feel so silly for not seeing the problem before.

I really cannot wait to edit my next video, hope you are having a great day thanks for ready 🙂