My YouTube channel is now up and running

Hi there, so if you don’t already know I started to plan creating a YouTube channel and well now it’s a thing. I now have a channel called lilblackfox and I am loving every minute of it. Due to the fact I only have two videos and I am still really new I have no subscribers or anyone watching my videos.

Which is a bit meh which is why I am blogging about it to maybe reach out to people who would be interested in my channel and getting to know me and that kind of stuff 🙂

When I was recording my videos I surprisingly had so much fun I expected it to be much more nerve racking and well weird as I don’t talk to cameras very often haha, but yeah I had fun.

So, I would love for you to check out my channel and if you do watch a video please leave a comment so that I know what I can do better/ what you liked.

Thank you 😀

My newest video