Practising first video

The last few days I have been recording myself making my first video to try and get a feel for talking to a camera and the first few takes were so cringy it was awful, after a couple more tries I finally got to a point were I was talking more fluently and not stopping and starting because I have no idea what to say and because I feel weird. I am still so scared about my mum coming in and thinking that I am a complete weirdo haha (she doesn’t know that I want to start a channel just yet).

However out of all of the things I need to practise before I can make a good video I am having to really focus on my facial expressions because they currently don’t look good, watching myself back I look so scared and sad, there is no way I will succeed if I cannot fix this but I also don’t want it to look like I am forcing those expressions.

I plan to practise talking to the mirror when I have a free house so I can work out straight away what I am doing wrong, I think this will be easier than watching it back on a video because when I do that I focus on how embarrassing it is to watch them rather than thinking of what I can do to fix the problem.

My boyfriend also encouraged me to practise my drawing this week as well and I drew my first bow which I was proud of and I also drew me and him together which didn’t turn out great he looks stoned and I look very very shocked. It is a great improvement from how my drawings have looked in the past which to me is an accomplishment and I was surprised that the drawing of me actually got likes on Instagram it gave me a little confidence boost.

I think that does it for this entry, I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.





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